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Papermaking, Marine,   Chemical & Petroleum,  Water & Wastewater,  Power Production,   Flooring,  Manufacturing

What Is GlassFlake?
GlassFlake is a severe service coating and lining which utilizes 1/32” or 1/8” chemical grade flaked glass.When incorporated into our polyester, vinyl ester, novolac vinyl ester, novolac epoxy, or furan base resins, the glass flakes overlap and stratify to create a maze-like structure that is 15 – 20 times more impermeable than resin alone. This also provides greatly improved elongation and compression qualities, allowing the coating to move with the substrate during temperature variations, as well as, creating superior abrasion resistance.
Where Is GlassFlake Effective?
Applied over metals, concrete, or FRP, GlassFlake provides superior service in areas such as…primary and secondary containment, process streams, floors, piping, ducting, FGD systems, and many other severe service applications.
Why Is GlassFlake The Best?
By sizing our flakes through a special process, we create consistent strata that eliminate small particles, which allow attacking materials to slip through “the maze”.This process also allows us to utilize a unique 1/32” flake that can be spray applied without back-rolling to cut application time and cost while retaining 80% of the impermeability of our standard 1/8” flake. With the exception of our concrete primer, all of our products are engineered with premium 100% solids resins, providing superior chemical resistance and minimal wet/dry film thickness variation.