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Our technology provides superior coating performance in six critical areas.
Adhesion – 20,000 hours in the salt fog cabinet with no undercutting or loss of adhesion of any kind is clinical proof that GlassFlake coatings protect even after serious mechanical damage.  Another severe test of adhesion is Thermocycling, and GlassFlake has proven elongation and compression abilities.

Abrasion – Unlike many competitive coatings that use spherical fillers, our flaked glass reinforcement is chemically bonded to the base resin.  This helps to prevent “chip out” of the reinforcement typical of most abrasive environments.  Tested material loss averages 53mg as measured with a Taber Abraser, CS-10 Wheel, 1000g load at 1000 cycles.

Conductivity – GlassFlake is extraordinarily non-conductive.  With 625V per mil dielectric strength and 30 x 106 ohms-cm of volume resistivity, it is the coating of choice for galvanic protection and in any situation where this is needed.  When high conductivity is required, we replace flaked glass with graphite to achieve <10 ohms-cm resistivity for clean room floors and other applications.  When appropriate, the two products may be used in combination.

Substrate Restoration – GlassFlake products can restore surface profile by filling pits and other damage to increase the effective service life of the substrate.  To repair serious damage we offer GF Putties, Polymorä and Polycreteä.

Machinability – GlassFlake is fine machinable with tools ranging from a file to the most sophisticated machine tools.  Since it can be machined, it can also be used in dynamic applications where balancing is necessary.

Easy Repair – If mechanically damaged, GlassFlake will localize the damage and not fracture beyond the impact area or “craze” into adjacent areas.  To restore long lasting protection, simply prepare the damaged area, feather the surrounding edges, then reapply coating.